How To Survive January

As most people get their salaries early in December, the last week or two of January could become extremely long. The overspending to make Christmas special usually takes its toll, especially in the food cupboard. January is usually a “no spend month” in most households, with the exception to fuel and food.

We will give you some tips to get you through to pay day and survive January.


Try to use what you already have


With just a few basics you will be able to dish up amazing meals in no time! You might be surprised by what you find hidden in your cupboards, fridge and freezer. Those tins of Tuna, sweetcorn and baked beans, coupled with a few other basic ingredients could probably feed the whole family, if used smartly. Here are some easy recipes for Spicy Baked Beans or Tuna and sweetcorn bake.

Use Your Loyalty Cards

Rather Use your ebucks or Pick ‘n Pay loyalty points, if you have,  to pay for transactions. It is easy to forget about those loyalty points, use them, they are free after all.


Make food from scratch

It is a lot cheaper and relatively easy to make food from scratch. Saving money does not mean that you can not have good food. Instead of buying burgers for a Friday night treat, make them yourself. You could even make the burger buns yourself! Here is a link to a saucy burger recipe.

You could also make a Focaccia to make a great meal out of soup. A few google searches will help you find even more recipes like these.


Staple foods in the pantry

Do you only have pasta, rice and noodles left in the pantry? No problem! A plain buttered pasta with some Parmesan, if you lucky enough to have some and chopped herbs makes a tasty meal. You could also make a spiced savory rice with some frozen or fresh vegetables. Just before you have finished cooking, stir a raw egg in to balance the meal.

Save by buying Rotisserie Chicken

Electricity is expensive and therefore it is sometimes cheaper to buy some precooked foods like chicken. Here is a 3 day meal plan which will definitely save you money and put a smile on your family’s face.

Day 1:

Make chicken wraps by cutting the breasts off and mixing it with salad and sauces.


Day 2:

Use the rest of the chicken to make chicken mayo sandwiches, chicken salad or a nice chicken pasta.


Day 3:

Take whatever is left of the chicken and put it aside while you boil the bones for a stock to use in a Summertime Chicken Soup


Do #MeatFreeMonday 3 days a week

With the ever rising price of meat, fish and chicken, work out a menu to save money by having a few meat free days per week. Follow this link for some meat free, money saving recipes.


There are obviously many more ways to survive January, save money and still having a good life, but if you find yourself in a situation where you have to turn every cent around because you are paying of loans, credit cards or just debt in general, do consider giving us a call. We will be able to assist you by doing a debt assessment and work out a budget according to your needs. Debt Review has helped many South Africans to not only stay afloat, but also get back on their feet. Give Sandton Debt Counselling a call and see what we can do for you!

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