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Sandton Debt Counselling offers the best debt review service to South Africans located across the country. Find out why reputation is more important than location

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Sandton Debt Counselling – We Offer a Nationwide Service

Sandton Debt Counselling is a top-rated debt review company in South Africa that caters for customers from all corners of the country.  Although our company was first established in the corporate hub of Johannesburg, Gauteng, we have always offered a dutiful and dedicated nationwide debt review service that our clients can count on.

Do You Have to Be Located Near Your Debt Review Company?

If you’re searching for a debt counsellor, you might automatically assume that the physical offices of the debt review company should be located close to you.  The fact is that debt review is a remote process and most, if not all interaction, happens telephonically and via email.

What If You Need to Meet with Your Debt Counsellor?

The need for you to personally meet with your debt counsellor at any stage is highly unlikely – and to understand why, you need to understand the debt review process .  If any company is trying to convince you that your debt counsellors even need to be in the same province as you, it is most likely a farce to get you to sign up as a client.

That said, there might be extenuating circumstances where a physical meeting between yourself and your debt counsellor is necessary.  In such an event, Sandton Debt Counselling travels nationwide to meet with clients whenever the need arises, at no cost to our clients.

Where is Sandton Debt Counselling Situated?

Sandton Debt Counselling has a national presence with remote offices located in Gauteng and the Western Cape.  Our client base stretches to all corners of the country – to every province, city and town.  It is also not uncommon for our debt counsellors to travel to remote destinations to assist with debt review applications when requested.

Reputation Trumps Location

Since the entire debt review process is handled remotely 99% of the time, the location of a debt review company is irrelevant.  In fact, there are very few debt counselling companies that operate from more than one location – but it is common practice for them to offer their service to all South Africans.

What you should focus on instead is finding a reputable debt counsellor that is registered with the NCR and also ranked as one of the best debt counsellors in South Africa by actual clients.  There is a fair amount of registered debt counsellors, so be sure to do your due diligence.

At Sandton Debt Counselling we pride ourselves in the feedback we get on our service from our clients.  It is these very honest first-hand accounts of the service we offer that has ranked us amongst the top debt counselling companies in South Africa – and as one of the leaders in the financial industry on Hello Peter.

How Do You Sign Up with Sandton Debt Counselling?

We understand that clients who are exploring the debt review option aren’t necessarily in the position to make lengthy and costly phone calls.  We’ve therefore made it free, easy and fuss free with our online contact form.

Head over to ‘Contact Us’ on the Sandton Debt Counselling website and complete the form with your name, email address and contact number and one of our skilled debt counsellors will call you back.  You’ll be in safe and competent hands while discussing your needs with a knowledgeable DC who will help you on your journey to financial freedom!

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