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What is Debt Counselling?

Debt counselling was formally introduced in 2007 by the National Credit Act and is a closely managed debt solution. A debt counsellor will assist a client that struggles to pay his debt by placing the client under debt review. Through debt review, the client will regain control over his finances and will be able to make monthly debt payments.

Our debt counselling process will help a client that is struggling to pay his debt by negotiating lower monthly instalments and interest rates with the credit providers. This will ensure that the client will be able to settle his debt while only paying what he can afford.

We have a high rate of acceptance when extending term and reducing interest rates with creditors. Most of our clients are usually debt free within 60 months which in itself proves that debt counselling is a highly effective way of becoming debt free.

What are the benefits of debt review?

Who can apply for debt counselling?

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