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Money matters, and here we will discuss anything and everything debt review and financial related.

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Do You Need A Personal Loan

Lots of South African households are experiencing financial stress. But where should you go for loans and what avenues should you explore when you need to borrow money? Why not rather use your savings or borrow from family? There are a few options you can follow.

How Will The Junk Status Downgrade Affect You

Consumers already have far less money to spend than they had a year ago and it doesn’t look like the situation will change soon. Roughly half of all consumers are three or more months behind on their debt repayments, the long-term effects of the downgrades will be devastating.

The Debt Snowball Effect

The way that Debt Counselling works is much like the debt snowball effect. Smaller accounts or accounts with higher interest are settled first. When accounts are settled, the instalment of the settled account goes toward another account. The monthly payment amount stays the same until all debt is settled.

An Introduction to Debt Review

How can Debt Counselling help South Africans gain financial freedom during these trying times?
We take a quick look at how debt review works and what a Debt Counsellor should be able to do for you once you have applied for the process.

Comparison of Debt Review, Administration and Sequestration

To start off with, there is a vast difference between debt review, administration and sequestration. In this article we will discuss those differences and what each of these processes could do for you.

How to Find the Best Debt Review Company

In this post we provide valuble tips on how to find the best Debt Counsellor and Debt Review company. Doing research is very important. We will discuss from reading reviews on reputable platforms to making sure the Debt Counsellor is registered.

A Step By Step Guide on Debt Review

Read our step by step guide and see how Sandton Debt Counselling can help you see your debt review journey through successfully to the end! We cover everything from the initial assessment to applying for a consent order and obtaining a clearance certificate.

Some Tips By a Debt Counsellor to Save & Reduce Expenses

Prevention is always better than cure – and being proactive instead of reactive is what we should all be aiming for in life, in general. Think about these little pearls of wisdom for a moment… now apply them to your financial health