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Will a Future Job Be Affected By Debt Review?

To apply for Debt Review shows responsibility and future employers should see this in the same way.

It is our opinion that should a new potential employer run a credit check, it will draw respect. Taking responsibility when you can not afford to pay instalments, says a lot about a person.

Employers want responsible employees, and being under debt review will show them that you are responsible. You did not run away from your responsibilities, you faced them. Statistically, there will be other employees in the same company undergoing the very same process.

A person with a bad credit record will much rather scare off a new employer than someone under a Debt Relief program. The employer could be scared that debt collectors might show up at the office, or that the employee might hide away and not come in for work.

Being under debt review is not a bad thing at all, but running away from debt is definitely something new employers might frown upon. Please do not hesitate to discuss this with us, should you need more advice. We are here to help!

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