Will I Lose My Assets When Going Under Debt Review?

lady pointing towards debt review question

You will not lose your assets if you apply for Debt Review. As long as you keep making your payments under the new agreement, everything should be fine.

Debt Review could help you save your house and car. If creditors are threatening you with repossession of your vehicle or home, give us a call NOW.

You usually do not have a lot of time when it gets to this stage. The creditors will send you a Section 129 letter which will inform you of your rights.

One of those rights is to speak to a Debt Counsellor and apply for Debt Review. You have 10 days to consult with a Debt Counsellor. If you take longer than 10 days, the creditors will issue summons. If summons has been issued or you did not apply for Debt Review within the 10 day period, your chances will be very slim.

The best advice is to read all documentation and follow the guidelines given.

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